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01- Clutch Cover _49R1538 07- Drive System, Front _12Y1512
01- Cooling System _10Y1512 07- Steering _23Y1512
01- Crankcase _01R1538 07- Suspension, Front _24Y1512
01- Crankshaft, Pistons And Balance Shaft _02R1538 08- Drive System, Rear _13Y1512
01- Cylinder Head _03R1538 08- Suspension, Rear _26Y1512
01- Engine _08Y1512 09- Body And Accessories Console_31Y1512e
01- Engine Cooling _27R1538 09- Body And Accessories Fairing_31Y1512a
01- Engine Lubrication _54R1538 09- Body And Accessories Front Fender_31Y1512d
01- Exhaust System _21Y1512 09- Body And Accessories Front Storage_31Y1512f
01- Gearbox Housing _44R1538 09- Body And Accessories LH Footrest_31Y1512b
01- Valve Cover _73R1538b 09- Body And Accessories Rear Fender_31Y1512g
01- Valve Train _73R1538a 09- Body And Accessories Rear Grab Handle_31Y1512h
02- Air Intake _35Y1512 09- Body And Accessories RH Footrest_31Y1512c
02- Air Intake Manifold And Throttle Body _18R1538 09- Decals _32Y1512
02- Fuel System _14Y1512 09- Frame _30Y1512
03- Alternator _12R1538 09- Seat 29Y1512
03- Electric Starter _06R1538 09- Utilities _46Y1512
05- Clutch _09R1538 10- Electrical Harness Console_28Y1512b
05- Gear Box _45R1538 10- Electrical Harness Frame_28Y1512a
05- Shifting System _11R1538 10- Electrical System _20Y1512
06- Hydraulic Brake _22Y1512 10- Electrical System Accessories_20Y1512a
10- Engine Harness And Electronic Module _51R1538
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